Lean Fox Solutions forms Strategic Partnership with Renowned International Leadership Firm – Behavioural Science Systems

Lean Fox Solutions is excited to announce the development of a strategic partnership with a leading International Leadership Consulting Firm – Behavioural Science Systems. Founded in 1972, the mission of Behavioural Science Systems (BSS) is to provide accurate behavioural information that enables individuals and organizations to make data-based decisions for performance improvement. BSS was founded by Dr. Robin Stuart-Kotze, Chairman BSS. Robin is the author or co-author of nine books, published in a range of languages including Chinese, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Polish, Dutch and Romanian. His most recent books are Performance: The secrets of successful behaviour (Pearson/FT) and Who Are Your Best People? How to find, measure and manage your top talent (Pearson/FT). His managerial career was centred in financial services. He was President of BGH Central Atlantic, pension fund managers, and Senior Vice-President of Central Capital Corporation, responsible for investment management and merchant banking. His other senior corporate roles include Director of Development of the Regina-Hill Group, and Director of the Centre for Management Development at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Robin holds an honours economics degree, an MBA, and a PhD in organisational psychology. He was awarded a Chair in Organisational Behaviour in 1980 and has held Professorships or Visiting Professorships at a number of universities in Canada (Acadia, Concordia, Memorial, and Saint Mary’s) and the UK (Warwick, Aston, and Oxford).

The philosophy of Behavioural Science Systems Behaviour drives performance. It’s what you DO that matters, not what or who you are and there is no single set of ideal behaviours that consistently leads to high-level performance rather, the thing that determines whether any specific behaviour is successful is the job itself. Essentially, effective behaviour is determined by the situation. Matching behaviour (what someone does) to the requirements of the job – its defined competencies, core values, results-driving actions – is the key to best job performance.

“We started working with the BSS tools and philosophy about 3 years ago,” said Todd Sperl, Managing Partner, Lean Fox Solutions, “and I instantly saw the connection and alignment to performance improvement and lean.” More and more clients and organizations have been asking why isn’t my lean program as effective as is should be? Or what’s next? How do I take this to the next level? We now know that unless LEAN can be translated into what an individual should be doing differently, in the end, nothing will change.  For long-term change, you need to also change what and how PEOPLE do things.

“That’s what our partnership with Behavioural Science Systems is all about,” says Sperl. Leadership and development expert, Sarah Padfield has been trained in the Behavioural Science tools and diagnostics and is a Senior Consulting Partner for both Lean Fox Solutions and Behavioural Science Systems. “Sarah brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to Lean Fox and we are excited to add these types of tools and services to our offerings for our clients,” says Sperl.


About Lean Fox Solutions

Founded in 2008, Lean Fox Solutions is focused on delivering outstanding professional services to clients across a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and sales. Over the past 5 years, Lean Fox has grown into an international resource for lean and management consulting. Originally centered on process improvement, our suite of services extends to the full business performance lifecycle including leadership, training and development, and consulting. For information more visit: www.leanfoxsolutions.com

About Behavioural Science Systems

Founded in 1972, Behavoural Science Systems is an international management consulting firm who’s mission is to provide accurate behavioural information that enables individuals and organizations to make data-based decisions for performance improvement. Based in Ireland, BSS has clients in all major countries including Oracle, Honeywell, Bank of Japan, UBS and Twitter. For more information visit: www.behaviouralscience.com

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