Lean Fox Solutions was founded in 2008 to deliver focused professional services to our healthcare clients. Today we provide services to clients across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, technology, and sales. Our growth has resulted from outstanding service delivery, evidenced by repeat and continued project engagements, with our valued clients. Originally centered on process improvement, our suite of services extends to the full business performance lifecycle including leadership, training and development, and consulting.

Lean Fox training offers a simplified approach to continuous process improvement combining the highly quantitative analysis of Six Sigma and the waste reduction strategies of Lean.

Lean Fox can help you unlock your organization’s secret to improve performance, accelerate growth, development and innovation and drive individual, group and corporate success. Lean Fox has partnered with Behavioural Sciences System (BSS). To integrate a behavioral sciences approach to leading lean strategies. Based in years of research and validated by the London School of Economics, the BSS technology is a game-changer when it comes to unlocking individual, team and organizational performance.

To date, Lean and Six Sigma interventions have been all about changing organizational processes. But in the end, processes are delivered by people, so it’s vital to have their actions – behaviours – aligned and in synch with changes driven by Lean and Six Sigma. We help you identify your Key Behaviour Indicators (KBIs) to ensure best job performance at all levels, utilizing BSS assessment tools.