Lean Fox Solutions has partnered with Rob Ptacek of Competitive Edge Training and Consulting to enhance and develop expertise across manufacturing industries. For over 20 years Competitive Edge Training and Consulting has worked in tier 1 and 2 manufacturing environments in North America, Asia, and Europe, providing outstanding training, and leading and implementing high impact – results focused improvements. With experience in a variety of manufacturing environments, the manufacturing service branch of the Lean Fox Solutions team focuses on high impact and sustainable process improvements, complex and chronic problem solving, and leading change. We focus on delivering the following to our manufacturing clients:

Primary areas of training, consulting, and support

  • Lean Manufacturing Transformations and Leadership
  • Lean and Continuous Improvement Program Management
  • Leadership and Supervisor training and improvement
  • Lean and Continuous Improvement strategy deployment and execution
  • Culture shifts and managing change
  • Executive Leadership
  • Lean, Six Sigma, and Problem-Solving Tools
  • Quality Improvement tools

Leadership and Organizational Behavior


Understanding and using the tools is only half the battle to improved performance! We know based on our years of experience, that every company is looking for loyal customers and clients, productive and dedicated staff, efficient processes and execution, revenue growth, and an improved bottom line. Our systematic approach helps organizations unlock the key to improvement: their people!

Fundamentally performance improvement is all about leadership. Better, more disciplined, consistent, and honest leadership is what separates high performing organizations from mediocre ones. The bottom-line is: Better leadership leads to better organizational performance. Leadership defines the direction, processes, people, methods, measures, accountabilities, and rewards that establish an environment for performance results. Poor leadership leads to poor outcomes, period.

Our systematic approach to leadership aligns these factors and creates the framework for an organizational culture, rich in team oriented problem solving and continuous improvement. 

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Organization Behavior

The Lean Fox team also focuses on the integration of lean, six-sigma process improvement tools and strategies with behavior-based organizational assessments to help your company improve and perform better! Specific behavior based methods and tools include the following.

Organizational Capability and Performance

  • Measurement using behavioral assessment and alignment tools including changing behavior and culture through problem solving and coaching
  • Authority vs. Leadership
  • Decision rights, measurements – building incentive models
  • Developing individual and leadership improvement plans

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