Our Approach

At Lean Fox Solutions we understand that every organization and company is unique. The need to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality with limited resources increases the demands on any organization. We know there are lots of programs out there that train teams on Lean and Six Sigma, some more successfully than others. We also know it is fundamentally important to understand the culture of an organization to create success.

Our approach at Lean Fox includes working closely with our clients to ensure our approach best meets your needs, is tailored to your organization and delivers on the results you and your teams expect!

Lean Fox solutions offers clients a comprehensive approach to assessing, developing and delivering a comprehensive performance improvement strategy. Not only are we trained and experienced Lean / Six Sigma experts but we have combined our approach with a cultural and behavioural assessment program that helps organizations understand the cultural barriers limiting their success and improvement.

Generally, our approach is broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Assessment Phase

During this phase of engagement we work with organizations to understand their needs, strategies and objectives. We assess key programs and tools deployed in the performance improvement strategy including Lean / Six Sigma and using the Behavioural Sciences tools, we conduct an assessment of culture and leadership to understand how to build a program best suited to each individual client.

Phase 2: Development

Working closely with our clients we develop a program best designed to meet the needs of our clients based on our assessment. We work with you to customize training materials, project management tools and other resources to ensure we meet your needs.

Phase 3: Delivery

Whether through workshops, individual coaching or training programs we work with you and your teams to deliver a program that creates momentum and improves performance. As part of our on-going commitment to quality improvement and learning, we re-assess the organization, team or client to ensure we are delivering change and achieving impact.