We know the key to developing successful partnerships and relationships is not just meeting, but exceeding our client’s needs. The team has vast experience helping all kinds of organizations succeed across many types of industries and businesses. We have dedicated ourselves to developing an approach to ensure all clients get the best value from our services.

Our expertise can help you in all aspects of your business…..


  • Does your leadership team lack cohesion or alignment to common vision, values and goals?
  • Do you need to develop a strategic approach to performance improvement across your organization?
  • Looking to develop leaders across your organization and want a customized, individualized approach to leadership development?
  • Want to develop lean leadership in and across your organization?

The Lean Fox team knows and recognizes that without understanding and ultimately positively changing and adjusting the behaviors of the leadership culture of the organization success of your Lean strategy will be limited. Our leadership diagnostic and assessment tool analyzes the individual and team results to give you a picture of your organization’s culture. We identify through the diagnostic Key Behavioral Indicators that are critical to supporting Lean across an organization or project and work with leaders and teams to embed these behaviors every day.


  • Do you need to train your staff and teams on Project Management, Lean, Sigma and other important process improvement tools and techniques?
  • Do your Supervisors and Managers need to better understand process flow and how to effectively manage it?
  • Do you need an organizational approach to Lean and process improvement?
  • Does your team need training on how to interpret data and analytics to make better decisions?

We know that ongoing process improvement is essential to providing quality care, improving organizational efficiency and improving competitiveness across any market. Lean Fox has many training programs available that can be tailored to fit your individual, team and organizational needs. We have designed training programs that not only teach and train the fundamentals of Lean / Six Sigma but also develop leadership tools, create talent management strategies and embed project management fundamentals and training to ensure a comprehensive program designed to meet your organizational goals and objectives.


  • Looking to develop an effective model for performance and organizational improvement?
  • Need to develop an internal project management infrastructure to support improvement initiatives like ISO certification or Baldrige initiatives?
  • Need to charter a process improvement project for a specific problem area?
  • Need to charter a Value Stream Project for a major operational area?

Lean Fox has extensive experience with a number of performance improvement tools including lean, six sigma, TQM and many other across numerous industries including healthcare, manufacturing, services and technology. As trusted consultants and partners, the Lean Fox team has assisted many organizations improve productivity and efficiency, focus on customer and patient satisfaction and position their organizations for long-term success.

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