Culture and Leadership Assessment

Esteemed researcher and Harvard professor, John Kotter, reminds us thatresearch has consistently demonstrated that companies and teams that focus on developing a strong set of values over an extended period of time outperform companies that don’t by a factor of five to six times.

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Activity Doesn’t Mean Achievement

– Identifying Waste in your Organization –

The traditional “wastes”are introduced to participant via an interactive group exercise. This fun exercise is a great way to introduce waste and illustrate the value of Standard Work. The participants are asked to draw a “pig.”

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High Impact Lean Improvement User Groups

These are action and results focused user groups.  Members of the user groups will be provided training on Lean and value stream mapping and improvement and expected to implement plans to achieve improvement.

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Lean Awareness for Healthcare Leaders – Workshop

Every healthcare leader wants their area to work well for their patients, their physicians, their staff and themselves.  They want to deliver high quality care at a reasonable price and meet the needs of their patients.

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Leaning Forward Program

Leaning Forward is a comprehensive leader development training program, where participants learn the process and techniques of establishing and sustaining operational excellence and overall continuous improvement.

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