Lean Fox Solutions Launches a New Training Program to Accompany Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Leaders

As a strategic North American distribution partner of Behavioural Science Systems, Lean Fox Solutions partners, Todd Sperl and Sarah Padfield, are excited to announce the launch of a new intensive, unique training program to accompany Dr. Robin Stuart-Kotze’s newly released book: “The Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Leaders”.  Many organizations have implemented a vast array of tools and strategies to drive improvements and eliminate waste.  More and more however, they are asking “what’s next”?

Whether a company is new to Lean, Six-Sigma or any other improvement strategy or they have been using it for years, the same rule applies: unless it can be translated into what an individual should be doing differently, in the end, nothing will change.

Esteemed author and behavioural scientist, Dr. Robin Stuart-Kotze, in his research has shown unequivocally that highly effective leadership is about what leaders actually DO. It’s about behaviour, not personality; about influence not authority; about building highly effective teams and leaders and about understanding what really motivates people.

This unique Lean Fox Solutions enhanced Leadership training program, incorporates behavioural science assessment and evaluation tools, unique training methodologies and access to critical coaching and feedback not yet seen or incorporated into traditional Lean training programs.  At the end of this training program, leaders understand that leadership is about:

  • Influence – not authority or position
  • Key Behaviours – your behavior (what you do), not your personality (what you are)
  • The situation – every situation is different and requires different leadership approaches
  • Motivation – and that’s not carrot and stick

Our program incorporates unique measurement tools to assess and measure behaviours, culture and leadership in a way that is unique to other Lean training programs.  Based on years of research by Dr. Stuart-Kotze and a direct accompaniment to his new book and research, our tools are evidence-based, highly impactful and utilized by some large multi-national companies from around the world.

To find out more visit: www.leanfoxsolutions.com/training/

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