Sales, Services & Technology

The Lean Fox Solutions team has over 30 years working with teir 1,2 and 3 organizations at various stages of growth and development in the Sales, Service and Technology. We have “hands on” direct experience in the management of the entire industrial sales and service processes, including marketing strategies to locate and develop new prospective customers, selling strategies to current customers, web based and printed media development, trade show deployment, establishing effective request for quote (RFQ) processes, pricing and work center overhead rate strategies, contract negotiation strategies to automotive and non-automotive customers, marketing as a “solution based enterprise,” management of company direct sales personnel and the development and management of independent manufacturer’s representatives.

Regardless of your industry we can provide help your organization fulfill its potential by deploying the right tools at the right time. For these groups of clients, we have focused on the following key deliverables:

Sales growth and profitability strategy

  • Strategy development and execution planning
  • Sales planning and forecasting

 Sales Management Systems, Organizational Alignment, and Cross-Process Coordination

  • Sales value streams and management systems
  • Sales measurement and feedback systems
  • Outbound marketing / demand management

Customer Processes Improvement

  • Customer relationship management
  • Developing effective tools and systems
  • Structured sales improvement problem solving using PDCA and A3s

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